Dance exam results

Posted on 18th October 2011 | in Clubs + Societies , Young People’s Activities

Pupils of the Carol Gray School of Dance took exams on June 22nd 2011. The pupils’ ages range from three and a half years to 16 years old. The results were:

Infant Pre Bronze / highly commended: Rose Turnbull, Sam Bewley, Evan Falkous. Astrid Jones. Bethany Bremner. Megan Bremner,  Angelina Morrison, Rianna Waddell, Ellie Goodfellow and Honours for Jessica Geggie.

Infant Bronze / Highly Commended: Angelina Morrison, Rianna Waddell, Ellie Goodfellow and Jessica Geggie
Pre Bronze / highly commended: Taylor Enstone.

Bronze And Silver / highly commended: Kirsty Duffin.

Bronze and Silver / Honours: Emily Fairbairn.

1st and 2nd Silver Bar / Highhly Commended: Megan Hopper.      

2nd Silver Bar / Honours with Distinction: Erin Handyside

Gold with honours: Erin Handyside.

Gold and Gold Star / honours with distinction: Adele Stewart.

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