Reports from our County Councillors: June-July 2012

Posted on 30th May 2012 | in Northumberland County Council

Amble 2020
The early days of the Development Trust saw a massive investment in Amble.  That success was built on a partnership of councils, Development Trust and the community identifying needs and looking for funding.  In these tougher times Amble is competing for support against many others when money is much harder to come by.  The Development Trust has invited Professor John Shutt, an Amble resident, to develop a vision for the future of Amble which will hopefully lead to renewed success in delivering new projects.  His report has the support of Amble Town Council and the Community Forum. As this process moves forward take the chance to get involved and help us to build a better future for Amble.

Watch out, traffic wardens about!
Northumberland County Council was the last English Council to take over responsibility for the management of car parking from the police.  There are good reasons why we need sensible parking enforcement.  I am concerned though that the public are not well enough informed about the changes, not to the parking regulations but to their enforcement.  We have a desperate shortage of parking in the town centre and this impacts on businesses and residents alike.  The new system will have an effect but make sure it doesn’t hit your pocket!

A summer to celebrate
Well done to everyone working hard to make the Jubilee celebration and the Olympic torch event a success.  Get involved.  All we need is some sunshine!
Robert Arckless
Telephone 01665 711938


I  hope by the time you get this edition of the Ambler the major roadworks on Rotary Way will be completed. It certainly was a long drawn out affair but hopefully the results will be worth it. I would just like to remind residents that there are now two proper lay-bys on this stretch of road and it would be appreciated if motorists did not park on the grass as it churns it up and looks awful.
The Olympic Torch will of course come down this road and several of our local organisations are trying to make the riverside route look as attractive as possible, I am told the “eyes of the World” will be watching the Torch ‘s progression as it comes from Warkworth to Amble!
I am continuing to work with Amble Youth Project and although funding is becoming ever more difficult to find, a Summer programme is being developed that will help to keep our young people stimulated and  busy during the school holidays.
I am delighted to say that along with other local councillors I am supporting with financial aid a capital project for The Coquet Shorebase Trust and hope that it continues to teach various water related skills to our young people and give them an interest in outdoor activities.
Be aware that the County Council has now taken over responsibility for street parking and Traffic Wardens will be on the prowl!
I am available to you on and on 07802 385367.
Have  a happy Jubilee day !
Jeff Watson

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