Multitasking Library

Posted on 20th July 2012 | in Community , Northumberland County Council

Since the closure of the County Council’s office in Fourways1, many of the Council’s services can now be accessed at Amble’s Library.

You can pay your Council tax, join the garden waste scheme, pay your parking fine or book a bulky waste collection, as well as borrowing books or studying in the quiet calm of the charming old library building on Middleton Street. The library has had an upgrade of its computer equipment and there is free internet access for up to two hours.

If you need to photocopy and send documents to relevant council departments, report pot holes or broken street lights, or even hand in keys to Homes for Northumberland properties, then the library is the place for you!

“We can basically save you the postage,” said Library Supervisor Maureen Turnbull. “If you need information, or to apply for a disabled parking permit, or a bus pass, we can send all your documentation off for you. If you want to pay for a replacement bus pass, we can sort that too. We don’t take cash though, or cheques, so it’s all chip and pin.”

A health care worker is also available on Mondays and Wednesdays to give advice.
“If we can’t do it, we can always find out what needs to be done,” said Maureen.

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