Poem: Beautiful Things

Posted on 14th August 2012 | in Community

How many beautiful things can you see
That steals your breath away
How many beautiful things can you hear
In twenty four hours of a day
The rising sun in the morning
The clouds that float above
The laughter of child in the schoolyard
The smile of the one you love.

The flowers that grow in the garden
The sight of a roe deer with fawn
The sound of a true morning chorus
As the birds sing their song to the dawn
The waves as they crash on the shoreline
The rainbow that shines after the rain
The hawk as he swoops from the heavens
A walk down an old country lane.

The call of the dove in the treetops
The song of the lark from on high
The moonlight that shines on the river
The colours that brighten our sky
A bullfinch that feeds in the hedgerow
The call of the cuckoo from woods
The grace of the swan on the water
The sky as the seasons change moods

The blossom that blooms in the orchard
The lambs as they gambol and play
The gold of the corn when it ripens
The small of the fresh gathered hay
The song of the choir from the churchyard
The sight of the swallow in flight
The stars as they glow high above us
And brighten the night with their light

The wildflowers that grow in the meadows
The galloping horse on the beach
The song of the wind from the willows
The flight of the night owls that screech
So many beautiful things you can see
In this life as you pass on your way
And how many beautiful things can you hear
In the twenty four hours of a day.

Matt Donoghue 30th March 2009

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