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Posted on 14th August 2012 | in Business News , News

I am a very recent Sunderland Fashion Product and Promotion graduate.

I spent last summer working in an underprivileged children’s camp in the New York State Park. Throughout my time in NYC I came up with the idea for my final major.  I noticed how all the stores were extremely patriotic, unlike British shops at the time. I researched into the market, and decided to create the fictional brand Swallow and Rose.

I began to share my designs on social networking sites, and with the amount of interest I had in my shirts, I decided that I would print my designs and try to start a small business to help pay off my student overdraft.

I have been searching for a job but I have not been successful in finding anywhere willing to take me on except to be an intern in London.

Running my own online store is my only option right now, until I find a career.

My designs are all hand drawn from the illustrations to the text, I tried to interlink famous quotes and British sayings with my loose sketches.

I have always had a love of drawing and animation which stems from my time when I came and helped with Artograffi.
You can view my designs on www.swallowandrose.co.uk.

Samantha Carruthers

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