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Posted on 29th October 2012 | in Community

Welcome back to life at the Trust. Well the nights are drawing in and it’s getting slightly cooler, so my thoughts turned to reminiscing about the summer we’ve had – not necessarily the weather, but the events and happenings the town and country has experienced.

I was fortunate enough to visit the Olympic park during the paralympic games. We didn’t get in mind you (long story which I won’t bore you with!), but the atmosphere was electric and crowds so happy. While being disappointed not to gain entry we couldn’t help but feel proud of being part of what our country had organised.

I, like many, probably felt that something was bound to go wrong! It wouldn’t be as spectacular or successful as other Olympics, terrorists would strike or we would simply come last in the medal table. How wrong could we be! From start to finish Team GB put on a fantastic show, giving us all something to celebrate and enjoy. Friends who said they weren’t interested in sport sat glued to the TV shouting and cheering or commiserating as our representatives put their all into trying to claim another precious medal.

All too soon the fun came to an end and before the final curtain had closed on the Olympics we were plunged into the black cloud that currently hangs over the country – oh yes the doom and gloom merchants were at it with relish. After all they had six weeks of pent up misery to share.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every news programme could start with the promise of something good and worthwhile. Something to lighten the mood and create a positive vibe. Well everything has to start somewhere and as Amble has long been classed as a leader and forerunner for many things, I think we should take the bull by the horns and set the ball rolling (sorry for the metaphors). Positive Amble starts here.

And the first bit of good news is that after many attempts we have secured some funding through Sport England to refurbish the pavilion at the welfare – as part of the Olympic legacy to encourage sport participation.

Secondly, while once again not successful with our Mary Portus bid, we could be in the position of getting a runners-up prize – our very own silver medal! The Government has announced that some towns will receive funding to develop elements identified in their bid. So we are still in with a chance. Working with the business club, town council and action group we have asked for funding to develop a marketing campaign called ‘Try Amble 1st’ and organising events to attract tourists. So fingers are still crossed.

Amble Action Group and Business Club are now assisting in the organising of the Torchlight Procession. Elaine, the Town Clerk has committed herself wholeheartedly to the task and has some exciting new ideas for the event – so mark the date in your diary Sunday 18th November.

Work on the development plan for the Northumberland Foods factory site has thrown up some interesting ideas. I think everyone is being realistic and recognising we have little opportunity to create one business that will bring hundreds of jobs. But if we can be innovative and create the correct work and event space that is attractive to encourage small business start up or relocation, hopefully this will snowball. After all who wouldn’t want to create that perfect work life balance here in Positive Amble!

And finally, I would like to pass on our thanks and congratulations to our young volunteers. Their help has been invaluable over the holiday period.  It may only have been a year since we opened (how quickly has that year flown by!) but we’ve followed their progress through exams and results and wish them well for the future and we hope to see them all soon.

Julia Aston
Director, Amble Development Trust


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