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Posted on 10th January 2013 | in Community

tw_profileThere is a worrying hidden condition affecting the older generation living in Northumberland. This is known as “aged related deafblindness, a gradual process often remaining undetected until it is too late.

Age related deaf blindness could impact on the mental health and well being of individuals who are isolated through the lack of ability to communicate, take exercise or eat healthily.

Scene Enterprises is  a voluntary organisation specialising in deaf blind awareness training. They are offering people living in Amble the opportunity to attend a 2 day free course to learn techniques to deal with the situation if it affects a loved one neighbour or friend. Scene Enterprises are  supported by The Big Lottery Fund and The Daily Mail.

What your readers will achieve

By taking part, the reader will attain an accredited qualification Furthermore, they will be armed with the practical insight to help others or even themselves lead a more active and independent life style. It could hit any of us any time. Most of us cannot imagine not being able to read, or see and hear the television or people closest to us.

People born, or who become deaf or blind or deaf blind early in life are taught strategies to overcome challenges that face them, for example communication and mobility. On the other hand, if people become deafblind later in life it is very difficult to learn new methods of coping.

Imagine the impact you would have by visiting an older deafblind person; perhaps offering a correspondence reading service: taking them shopping; to a local group or any pastime.

For more details of this or our training dates and locations or to register for a course, please contact: Linda or Elaine on 0191 4102201 or visit our website: www.in-good-hands.org

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