Scotty the Singing Postie

Posted on 04th February 2013 | in Community

Scott Richards aka the "Singing Postie"

Scott Richards aka the “Singing Postie”

Many Amble residents will now be used to hearing the dulcet tones of Elvis or Johnny Cash as yet another bill slithers through their letter box. Scott Richards, aka “The Singing Postie” has become something of a local celebrity with his cheery crooning as he completes his rounds.

Reader Claire Peiffer sent us this photo: This is our postman delivering on Tuesday 22 Jan 2013 to Robsons Way in Amble. He sings to his heart’s content while doing his rounds. A real joy to see and hear.

And Claire is obviously not alone in her appreciation of Scott. In just one evening, over a thousand people looked at his photo on The Ambler’s Facebook page, and many comments were left from people who also obviously welcome his tuneful disposition – and are amused at his insistence on wearing shorts to work, even in the depths of winter.

“I’m based at the Morpeth office,” said Scott when we caught up with him. “I haven’t got my own round, but I cover for other people’s days off.

“I do like to sing when I do my rounds. I like every kind of music – I especially like Johnny Cash. I often sing Ring of Fire. Someone in Longframlington once drew a picture of me as Johnny Cash holding some letters. The kids like me singing. It used to be they would come up and ask for elastic bands, but now they ask me to sing In the Jungle.

“I started to appreciate opera about five years ago, but I haven’t got enough time to learn Italian, so I just make the words up.”

Most people seem to appreciate Scott’s singing, but inevitably not everyone is so keen.

“I’ve only had two complaints and that was because the people were on nightshift.  I don’t start till 8 or 9 now though.”

Scott, who lives in Blyth, has been a postman for eight years and is a keen fan of ice hockey. “I can’t skate and I don’t like fighting, but I do like to watch it on TV. I saw my first game in 2002 when I went to New York and saw my favourite team Tampa Bay Lightning at Madison Square Gardens. It was my 40th birthday a couple of years ago and I went to Florida to see them play at home.”

Scott seemed a little bemused by all the attention. “They told me at work I was famous on Facebook, but I didn’t believe them. I’m quite a shy lad! But I appreciate people’s comments. ”

Later he left a message for his fans:  “… for nearly a decade I have hounded and pounded my customers with bills like asteroids hitting a planet and everybody still goes out their way to make me welcome, I suppose it only goes to show, even when you get a bill, the Singing Postman will help cushion the blow.”

Some of our Facebook comments:
Kim Carnaffin: He’s doing the round in Hadston this week he did last week too, always singing smiling and no matter the weather he’s in a short sleeved shirt and shorts utter legend xSarah Baston: You always hear him before you see him. Nice for someone to be so happy in his work

Lorraine Hall: He was whistling the theme tune to the Waltons when I last saw him, always smiling, need more like him!!

Kieran Atkinson-Falkous: He went past me singing then asked if I liked classical music, I replied with no not really, he smiled and kept singing. Legend.

Brad David McClelland: He is the best postman that’s ever been round amble, he sang in the jungle the mighty jungle to my dog



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