Congratulations, Canon Arckless

Posted on 26th February 2013 | in Community

Robert3Robert Arckless has been nominated as a lay canon, an honour which will be bestowed at a cermony in the cathedral in Newcastle in April. He has been nominated by Bishop Martin Wharton, for services to the community and service to the life of the parish.

Canons in the Anglican Church usually work within cathedrals and are known as the College of Canons. Newcastle has thirty canons, but only six are lay people – so it’s a significant honour. They do not conduct services in the office of a minister, but Robert reads and does intercessions at his church.

Was he surprised? And how! When the letter arrived with the Bishop’s signatory on it, he wondered what on earth it would be about.

“I was very touched and very surprised,” he said. “I thought why is the Bishop writing to me?”
Robert had previously met the Bishop at shared functions, mainly through his political activities. Imagine then the amazement on reading the contents.

His induction will be in the Cathedral of St Nicholas in Newcastle on 21st April. Robert will be sharing the ceremony with Alistair Macnaughton, former vicar of St Cuthberts from 1990 -1997. “It will be a real Amble thing,” he laughed.
Robert has a real appreciation of ecumenism, and thinks Amble is a very friendly example of this. He finished his talk with me saying, “[It] shows the bishop has a sense of humour!”

Our community is well served by you, Robert, and proud of your elevation to canon.

Lou Pickering

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