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amble-c-1920-weddingA 1920s wedding

Valerie Glass who grew up in Morpeth and now lives in Belford sent us this photo.  She said: “It’s been in our family for nearly 100 years. I believe this wedding took place in Amble about 1920. I am sure some readers will recognise people in it. The only person I can identify is my father, Wilfred Glass, the little boy in the sailor suit at centre front. His stepmother was Isabella Buddle so perhaps one of her relatives was the bride or groom?”

Chip shop litter

Just been reading the letters column and felt a much needed reply was needed to the letter written by the unnamed 13 year old who picked up litter and was shunned and laughed at in the quayside chippy. I must admit, I am absolutely enraged at the idiots who work here, I will keep this short and sweet to save words that cannot be printed anyway.

Firstly, I spent some of my youth in Amble, was raised with the same morals as this kid and I still feel an affection for the area. Secondly, Well done, and I am sure I speak for everyone else reading this when I say that I also hate litter, there is absolutely no need for it whatsoever and you have been raised well.

Thirdly, to the idiots who were working and mocking the child that night, you should be sacked on the spot, you do not just sell fish and chips, you are ambassadors for Amble and should be there promoting the town. To be honest, it is a good job I am not a parent. If I was the child’s father I would have personally come down and thrown you in the harbour. The owner of this shop owes this child compensation, (you’re the gaffer, the buck stops with you) and the staff made to apologise and then be sacked on the spot, disgraceful, idiots, and words that can’t be printed.


Toussaint Chevallier
via email


What a year for memorabilia. My cousins came over from Sydney Australia, and we met for the first time in 40 years, and in the same week we had the privelege to see HRH Prince Charles in Amble. It is something to treasure, so I videoed the event, and showed my cousins our little town. As I spent most of my holidays in London with them as a child, it was relevant, they see Amble, and Warkworth as we are today.

That week out came the old photos. I have quite a few, of what the kids call antiques, us in the 50s etc. We recalled those times and they agreed, Amble is getting it right, thankfully for the better.

I am proud to see that lots of us are keeping a historical record of Amble to keep for our future children, as, they tend to say to me ‘You know in the olden days?’ Too right, we have to see it through.  I’m busy writing the memories of my childhood, and am putting onto paper, sometimes I remember. And my cousins would like to say thank you for the memories.

Pauline Maria T
West Court, Amble

Musicians needed!

Through your letters page, can I see if there are any amateur musicians out there who would like to start off a new year by getting together with other people who want  to form a trad jazz  band (could be blues as well). I am a banjo player who played  (not particularly well) with the Tweed River Jazz band a few years ago.

I am seeking very ordinary musicians to see if we can get something going.  To get us started, all we need is a clarinet, either trumpet or trombone and a bass (could also be guitar and could be keyboards).  You do not need to be brilliant, but you need to be able to play by ear and have a sense of fun.

Get your old instrument out of the loft, take the leap and let’s see if we can make some music.
No pressure, no posers, no experts – just ordinary people (male or female) wanting to do something enjoyable.

Peter Atkinson
01665 714379

Soggy Reindeer thanks

Members of the Rotary Club of Amble and Warkworth wish to thank the people of Amble, Warkworth, Broomhill, Hadston, Red Row, Hauxley and surrounding villages for donating to our Charity Fund during our pre-Christmas collection.
Thanks to their generosity we raised £5,449, a magnificent sum which will enable us over the coming weeks to help a number of local charities and good causes.

The monsoon conditions meant that we had to postpone the evening collections planned for Acklington, Broomhill and Felton, as the reindeer don’t operate too well in the wet.  However we were able to visit these villages on the following Sunday afternoons instead.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed and we wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Chris Ward
Chairman, Community Service Committee
Rotary Club of Amble and Warkworth

Bolton family

I don’t know if anyone can help but I am looking for information about the Bolton family who lived at Radcliffe in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

My grandmother’s maiden name was Bolton and I know she lived in Pretoria cottage in the village and that is shown on the 1911 census.

I hope you may have information or be able to put me in contact with someone who may be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

Dave Wall


Back row (left to right): Jim Brown, Andrew Oliver, Tom Taylor, Bob Taylor, Dick Taylor,Tom Stewart, William Taylor. Front row (left to right): William Taylor, (Mansion Bill) George Taylor, Robert Wilson (Guide), Andrew Oliver.

Hauxley fishermen tour of London, 1908

In response to your comprehensive article about Fred Taylor (Issue 78), some of your readers may be interested in his Hauxley connections.
Fred’s great grandfather was William Taylor, born 1854 in Hauxley where he worked as a fisherman. William’s parents, Henry Taylor and Isabella nee Curry, came to live in High Hauxley from Craster c.1844 with their two children, Mary and Richard.

They had a further eleven children, William their seventh child, married Ann Armstrong in 1880, they lived in the Hauxley “Mansion” schoolhouse.
After moving to No. 6 Low Hauxley William was always known as “Mansion Bill” to distinguish him from the other Williams in the village. Mansion Bill and Ann had two sons,  James born 1881 and John Henry born 1890.John Henry married Elizabeth Patten in 1914. Fred is the grandson of John Henry and Elizabeth Patten.

Ann Armstrong’s father James was awarded the RNLI silver medal in 1885 for his service as coxswain of the Hauxley lifeboat for 25 years.

Frances Irene Liddle, Cynthia Thornborough, Andy Wilkinson, three of the many members of the Taylor/Armstrong Family
via email

Thanks for the Ambler

My wife and I along with our greyhound, Holly, are regular visitors to Amble.  As well as appreciating what the town and the surrounding area have to offer we have always been impressed by how friendly and welcoming everyone is. This makes it easier to shop local and support the local economy.

Although this sentiment applies to all of the retailers in Amble we would like to single out one in particular, Mr and Mrs Young the newsagents.  It is always a pleasure to go into their shop where a warm welcome is guaranteed and nothing is too much trouble.  They are a huge asset to the local community.

We are biased of course because you will be pleased to know that they always keep their copy of The Ambler to pass onto us so that we can keep up to date with everything in the town.  Having read many community newspapers I can safely say that The Ambler is up there with the best.  Keep up the good work.

Derek and Gill Coates
Liddell Court, Sunderland

A big thank you from Border Links

Amble Border Links would like to thank everybody who contributed to our Christmas Fayre. Everyone really enjoyed the day and all the parents, carers and other family members helped us raise £219.

This money is going to be used for educational activities. Lynsey the group rep said that everyone did a brilliant job on the day.  Local businesses that helped us by donating prizes included the Co-op, Tesco, Farmfoods, Barclays, J.K. Crafts, The Amble Butcher, Beau Beauty, S&M electrics, Foresters, Raggy Dolls, The House of Usher, Pride of Northumberland and Boots.

Border Links is a social enterprise that works with adults with learning disabilities. We provide a vegetable delivery service within the community. For more information please check out our website.

Border Links Team,  Amble

Any crochet or knitting patterns?

Has anyone any used/unwanted dolls clothes and toys, crochet or knitting patterns they don’t use anymore as my daughter is learning to knit and crochet and we are finding these really hard to find.

Thank you

J Fisher
1 Hillcrest, Thirsk,
North Yorks, YO7 4JJ

Big thanks from Amble Christmas Lights and Christmas Raffle

To: The Schooner, Derek and Susan,
The Harbour Inn, John and Suzanne,
Mossman and Gilliard,
Dovecote Electrics,
Beck ground works,
Northern Structures,
Northern training partnerships,
Amble Sunday market,
Aquarius Bathroom,
Neil Davison Windows,
Bede Street Club,
Amble Skips,
John and Susan Kent,
Beverley Bell and
Everyone who bought tickets.
Total raised £625.00

Florence Angus,
Amble Christmas Lights Cttee

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