Cross Fit training at Amble Boys Club

Posted on 08th March 2013 | in Community , What's On

On Thursday evenings from 6-7pm, Amble Boys Club is offering ‘Cross Fit’ type fitness classes.

All sessions are based on ‘stations’. A station is a specific exercise that you engage in for up to a minute. Generally, there will be around 20-25 stations with a gap between each station to get your breath back. One station may be to do lunges for a minute, the next squats for a minute, the next a minute of crunches, and so on.

The classes are designed so that you can push yourself until you can do no more, take a break, and then join in again at the next station.

It does not matter if you are not fit. The whole idea of these classes is that you can build up your fitness. So, at each station you may only be able to do 20 seconds initially, but the next week you can do 25 seconds, building until, over a safe and realistic period of time, your body becomes used to exercise and you can do the full minute.

Whether you want to get fit, lose weight or improve your general mobility, or if flipping tyres over, throwing sandbags around and bunny hopping over benches sounds like fun to you, come and join us! Both ladies and gents are welcome.

Classes are £2, or £1 if you have a Boys Club membership. These memberships are for the gym, and cost £150 for the year (£2.88 a week or £12.50 per month). Memberships are available from Mike Jones. You can find him on the top floor of the Fourways2 building (old Norseman pub).

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