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puffin2Amble Puffin Festival

The Puffin Festival is coming to Amble on May 18th – June 1st. It will take place all over Amble, from Queen Street to the harbour and beach. There will be nature walks, puffin talks, an Amble history talk, music, food and drink.So come along it will be great and bring your family there will be many fun games to do.

By Gracie Mathews

emily-davison100 year mystery

Emily Davison threw herself in fron of the king’s horse

A few years after the reign of Queen Victoria women all over the country joined together to make the group the Suffragettes.One of those people was Emily Wilding Davison, a woman from Morpeth who had quit her teaching job to fight for their rights. Over a course of three years she was arrested eight times with other women for fighting for their rights.

Here are some of the things she did to protest: assaulting, window breaking, stone throwing, she even chained herself to an iron gate!

In 1913 she travelled down to London to a horse race and threw herself in front of the king’s horse killing herself.

The mystery is why did she do it? Some people say it was to protest but we will never know.

By Niamh Mackintosh

trainEvery day should be pancake day

Tuesday 12th February was pancake day:
What is your favoured topping for a pancake? I asked Artograffi what their favourite toppings are:

Chocolate spread (nutella + hazelnut).
Chocolate spread (nutella).
Lemon and sugar (white sugar).
Chocolate spread (hazelnut).
Fruit and cream.
Marmite and cheese. (what ?!!)
What did you like about pancake day?
Here are my favourite things: Trying to flip pan cakes over in a pan.
Eating pan cakes with their toppings.
You get loads of pan cakes.
You get the biggest amount of pan cakes ever.
Trying to remember about it because if you forget it then you’ll be sad.

By Ben

vickyTreats put cats at risk

A leading cat charity says owners are putting their pets’ health at risk by giving them too many treats.
Cats Protection is concerned the extra heaviness they carry around puts pressure on their joints and may cause health problems. More than a quarter of British cats are overweight, that’s around 3million. Many were fed Christmas dinner, Christmas pudding and chocolate over the Christmas holidays.

By Gracie

umbrellaThe Magic Finger

By Roald Dahl

I’m a girl that is 8 yrs old. I once put my magic finger on my teacher Mrs Winter – then suddenly kids were laughing their heads off because Mrs Winter was turning into a cat. Then a couple of years later I put my magic finger on the Gregg family then the Gregg family turned into doves they also shrunk.

This is my favourite book. I liked the idea of turning people into different things.

By Gabriella


World Maths Day

World Maths Day is an online international mathematics competition. World Maths Day was originally held on March 14th in 2007. Since then, it is held on the 1st Wednesday of March every year. In 2010, World Maths Day won a Guinness World Record for the largest online maths competition. So maybe if you like maths, why don’t you have a go this year?

By Will H-D

SchoolSnow closed my school

It snowed on Monday the 14th of January it continued for over a week. On Monday 21st of January, St Paul’s School was closed because of all the snow. I felt sad because I want to learn more stuff.

Snow is good because you can make snowmen and snow angels; you can even try and make an igloo if you wanted to.

Snow is bad because once three boys were playing out and they were playing a game called snowball fights and one of the boys threw a snowball at one of the boys but it was not snow it was ice and the boy was nearly blinded and the boy’s eye was all swollen up!

By Gabriella H-D

flowerGames review

Hi, I have been game surfing and I have found some great games some may be a bit girly though as I am a girl!

Stardoll (girly) 4* a very addictive fashion game
Temple run 5* wow I can’t get enough of it! Available at all app stores.
Moviestarplanet 3* a fun boredom buster
Mario kart 7 5* great enjoyable fun! Mario kart 7 3ds.

By Niamh Mackintosh

rocketTrips to the moon

Where are you going for holiday this year? Have you ever thought about having a trip to the moon?

Well, Golden Spike, a new space company hope to give private trips to the moon before 2020!

By Will H-D

Children saved as granddad wrestles shark

SharkChildren in the sea at Sunshine Coast, Australia were saved from a potential shark attack by Mr Marshallsea, a British Granddad.

The 2 metre long marine creature was swimming in shallow waters towards swimmers on Bullock Beach.
Paul Marshallsea noticed the beast swimming in the shallow water where toddlers and young children were splashing around.
He then dived into action grabbing the Dusky Shark by its tail and dragging it into deeper water.

Experts say that Dusky Sharks can be a dangerous breed of shark at times and
Paul Marshallsea said, “Where this shark actually came ashore it’s shallow for about five or six yards and a lot of babies and toddlers splash about there – it could have been very nasty.”

One Australian coastguard said, “We don’t recommend manhandling sharks but this gentleman did a great job.”

By Will H-D


Everybody fights, brothers, sisters, friends, but sometimes it can get violent with mum and dad

Some mums and dads fight all the time over nothing and some just fight a little bit, but if I were you I would stay out of it. But if it gets too much for you, or your mum or dad, then tell a professional (teacher, doctor, nurse) or call the police or child line. Don’t be afraid, don’t let the bad one boss you around. Get help quickly.

by Annabel Mackintosh.

Child line number 08001111

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