Saturday night at The Masons

Posted on 28th June 2013 | in What's On

I recently sampled the Saturday night live entertainment put on by the Masons in Amble.  I received an invite from a relation, the bass player in the band Contraband.  They are a four piece classic rock group.

The Main highlights included tributes to “Bob Dylan” and playing homage to covers of  “Cream” numbers.  Intermingled  with this were FLAMBOYENT drum solos and tough guitar riffs.  The vocalist boasted a sense of dynamism exuding the bands up tempo and frivolous nature.

A cracking atmosphere in a cracking venue. They were given a good audience reaction and had plenty of floor space to set up their equipment.  Their sound system and acoustics were accurate throughout the show generating a good nuance around a packed room.
I think the facilities on offer contributed to the success of the whole evening. A traditional village pub with good local patter.  There were some really funny characters which added to the backdrop and general environment.
Michael Lowery

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