Town Council Report: June – July 2013

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Craig Weir is Amble's new Mayor

Craig Weir is Amble’s new Mayor

YOUR COUNCIL 2013-2014
Finance Chair:  Cllr Dargue                   Vice Chair: Cllr Lewis
Planning Chair: Cllr Morrison             Vice Chair:  Cllr Nicholson
Amenities Chair: Cllr Lewis
Vice Chair: Cllr Morrison

Bus Service
After discussions between NCC and ourselves, we were pleased to have a limited service restored to the Links Estate. However this is going to be reviewed over the summer and only if it is well used will it be kept in place. It may not be running as often as you’d like or at the perfect time for you, but please try to use it as much as possible or there will be none at all!

We have also made representation to Arriva requesting they amend their routes to include Percy Drive/Albert Street then on to Acklington Road (and the reverse) as we feel this will offer a better service and increase passenger numbers to make it more commercially viable for the company to keep providing a service through the town.

Travelsure Service 471   Mon-Sat
Amble Fourways at 0953, 1210, 1411
Links Estate at 09.57,1214, 1414
Amble Fourways at 1000, 1218, 141


Robert Arckless

It is thirty years since my first election to Amble Town Council.  In those days the Council was a fairly new body, set up in 1974 to replace the former Amble Urban District Council which had disappeared to make way for Alnwick District Council.  As a result the Town Council was left with very few powers, a tiny budget, a part time Clerk and one full time member of staff who looked after the Cemeteries.

Since 2009 Amble Town Council has continued while a new County Council has taken over the District functions.  I believe the Town Council’s greatest strength is that it serves Amble and that all of our Town Councillors live locally.  The pressures of hard times bring challenges, but there are opportunities.  Amble Town Council can influence change, can work in partnership with others, and provide support to local groups.  Most of all it can deliver truly local services and provide a focal point for a strong sense of community.   I am very confident that Amble Town Council will be here in 2043 – even if I am not!


Garden and Allotment Awards
Although it’s not been the best of weather this Spring, councillors will be shortlisting gardens in the town ready for the judge to look at them round about the second week in July. Don’t forget you can nominate a garden by giving details to the Clerk, but it must be visible to a person passing by outside the property.
Many people put great effort into a back or enclosed garden which can’t be seen by the general public. Now these can be entered in our Virtual Garden Awards. Take a digital picture of a plant/feature and enter the competition online at our website. Standards at the two allotment sites have improved so much over recent years that our judge has been having a very hard time deciding on one winner; therefore this year we are having a winner for each site.
Make a note in your diary of the award ceremony in late July. Everyone is welcome to join in, see the winners and enjoy refreshments and a chat.


The Council has now changed its policy and these will be awarded twice a year, in July and January. Application forms and details of eligibility can be obtained from the Clerk. Any applications made throughout the year will be kept on file until the appropriate time for consideration.


Dog Fouling and Litter Dropping
Leaving dog faeces or litter lying anywhere in the town is never acceptable. For a while clearing up and using litter bins improved.  However, sadly, this is becoming a big problem again. Whether it’s litter or dog faeces doesn’t matter. You can put it in the same bin. There are plenty of bins around the central area of the town and beyond: yet they must be invisible to some people. With our full approval, NCC Enforcement Officers will be issuing fines. You have been warned.


Traffic management review
NCC, this Council and representatives from the town’s businesses have been looking at ways in which the traffic in the town can be better helped to flow through or park here. Changes have been suggested and officers are working on a strategy to try to incorporate what we feel the town needs with what Highways legally allows us to have. When a plan is ready you will be consulted about the suggested changes, especially if your street is affected. Be patient, and remember that, if many do not want the change to go ahead, then it will not do so.
We are desperately short of car parking places with little land available to use as such. However many of our streets are not built for parked cars and two-way traffic. Please consider pedestrians, especially with prams and wheelchairs. Remember damage can be caused when you park on the path. It is a criminal offence to obstruct it.


Robert Arckless,
37 Anne Crescent, Amble  NE65 0QZ
Tel: 01665 711938
Helen Lewis,
Tel: 07762069026
Craig Weir (Chair)
76  Priory Park, Amble
NE65 0HY
Tel: 01665 712342
Rev. Velda Nicholson,
24 Glendale, Amble
NE65 0RG
Tel: 01665 713796
Kate Morrison,
3 Island View
Amble NE65 0SE
Tel: 01665 711191
Jane Dargue
10 Sylvia’s Close
Amble NE65 0GB
Tel: 07795360513
Ian Hinson,
11 Eastgarth Avenue, Amble. NE65 0LW
Tel: 01665 710583
Jeff Watson
Thimbles, 60 Robsons Way Amble  NE65 0GA
Tel 07802 3853671 VACANCY
Elaine Brown (Town Clerk)  Angela Burn (Clerical Assistant)10-11.30a.m. & 1.30-3p.m.  Monday to Friday
Minutes available to view in Office or at Amble Library



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