Art, views and icecream

Posted on 13th August 2013 | in Business News , News

flowmill-ext Amblers may already have noticed that the Flowmill has been the subject of some alterations in recent weeks. The former art installation, built at Amble Boatyard as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad has been stored next to Spurreli Boutique Icecream for several months.

During the Puffin Festival it was opened up to the public to house an art exhibition, and now seems set to continue its arty purpose as well as provide extra space to enjoy a Spurreli coffee, cake or icecream.

Owner of Amble Boat Yard and Spurreli, Nick Spurr, The Ambler: “We are delighted to be hosting the second art exhibition to be held in Flow and to have received an enquiry for a third. We hope to hold music, reading and story events in the future, which we hope will appeal to a broad cross section of the town. We see Flow as a great space for all sorts of Spurreli / community events.”

flowmill-int2Additional seating for Spurreli customers has also been provided. “We have have recently placed picnic table with parsols for visitors to enjoy while they visit” said Nick.

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