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The Pumpkins Are With Us!!!Once there was a girl, sorry let me start from the beginning. Last year on Halloween Bobina was carving her pumpkin, then she heard a high pitched voice coming out of the pumpkin, and it said “owe geroff”. “ahhhhhhhhhhh”.[scream.] “What? It is normal for a pumpkin like me to talk. “B…b…b…but.” “But nothing.” “Let’s be friends.” “Ok”
By Catherine The End
New island appears near Pakistan1 week ago there was a big earthquake in Pakistan. More than 320 people were killed. When the earthquake was over, an island appeared in the middle of the sea. Lots of people found it intresting, but it is now completely covered in rubbish from people who have been visiting.

By Annabel Mackintosh

leafleaf2 Surfing Dogssurf

In San Diego America, there is an annual dog surfing competition.

Loads of people travel to the beach to see this crazy event.

The money that is raised from the event is given to the local animal shelter which is home to many of the participating dogs.

The surfing dogs are judged on their ability to stay on the surfboard and ride the waves.

This event happens every year in August/September time so if you’re ever in the area, why not take a look.

By Will H-D

Who are the litter bugs?Litter is everywhere; in parks, in streets, in bus stops. Everywhere.
Most people think that it doesn’t matter, that it will only affect the people millions of years in the future.
But it will affect us.
The earth will get dirtier and smellier, it can also help germs spread diseases and illnesses, all it can take is an ill person dropping litter and another person passing to pick up the germs.
I asked people in Artograffi and half think it is teenagers. Half thinks it’s everyone.
But who is it really causing all the litter?
Who are the litter bugs?
By Niamh Mackintosh


fancy-skullsArt competitiondrippingskullWe have decided to hold an art competition with a theme of the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican Halloween, in Mexico people decorate skulls made of sugar and have picnics at their relatives graves.
You can: Draw some fun decorated skulls like we have here on our page.
Do a piece of art on an A4 piece of paper or make a small model or do a collage.

To send your art in the address is:
Fourways 2, 6 Dilston Terrace Amble

Summer reading challengeLala Smith age 6 years old completed the challenge at the Library. She read Gangsta Granny by David Walliams and loved it. She liked it because a boy went to his granny’s and stole something.

Faith Bell is 9 and she read Sapphire Battersea by Jaqueline Wilson
She liked it but it was a bit sad.

Emily Shore read 6 books and she is 8.

Hayden Lee age 6 read Traction Man. He said he liked all of it.

Lilly Tibbits age 9 read Summer’s Dream by Cathy Cassidy. It is about a girl who loved to dance.

Hope Vernan’s favourite book is called Penguin Pandamonium. She is 8 years old.

Amy Patterson is 7 years old and her favourite book is called Clarice Bean by Lauren Child.

Ava Tibbits is 7 years old and her book is called Secret Kingdom and she liked it because the main character is transported to another world (sounds exiting ~Ed Ben).

Joshua Curtis is 8 years old and his favourite books are a series called Beast Quest by Adam Blade

Rhys Handyside is 5. His favourite book is called Bottom’s Up by Jamie Willis

Ella Handyside is 6 years old, her book is called Unicorn School by Linda Chapman. (It is a story about a sparkly unicorn) and she liked it.

By Victoria Coleran and Ben H-D

Halloween in Sicilyday-of-the-dead-puppets

Halloween in Sicily is not all about scary things. It’s all about remembering and celebrating dead relatives.

linehairThis is what they do: On All Souls Day (November 1st) they clean their dead relatives’ graves and then have a picnic. Some people even make biscuits in the shape of bones. Children in Sicily pray to the dead souls, and leave their shoes out the window or the door. When they wake up on the 2nd of November they find their shoes full of treats!

Gabriella H-D

Day of the Dead in Mexicoday-of-the-dead-mexico

To us the 31st of October is Halloween but in Mexico the next day is the Day of the Dead.
To us it’s a scary time, but for them it’s joyful.

In Mexico they have parades and very fancy cakes. They decorate skulls heads. Not real ones though. Day of the Dead in Spanish is “Dia de los Muertos”

People believe that on this day the spirits of the dead return and enjoy visiting their friends and relatives it’s a happy time and they have parties.

By Annabel Macintosh

Safety on bonfire nightOn bonfire night you need to keep your pets safe. If you let them run wild they could hurt themselves, to keep them safe you could….
Stay with them in a quiet room block out the sound with nice music, give toys to them.

But you should also keep yourself safe by only going to well organised displays

By Victoria Coleran

Horrible Halloween IdeasHere in Britain we like to celebrate Halloween by trick or treating and dressing up in scary outfits. We would like to be afraid on Halloween. We like to tell each other scary stories.

Scary Halloween skulls
Skulls can be used for flower vases
Rubbish bins, Ornaments, Pen holders
Ear phones, Plant pot, Money box
Phone case, Biscuit box, Makeup case
Jewellery box, Bin, Bowl, Storage

Pumpkins are used for:
Scaring children away before they trick or treat on your door

By Victoria Coleran and
Gracie Matthews.

Diamond SkullDamien-Hirst-diamond-skull

An artistic skull was made by Damien Hirst in 2007. He used an 18th century human skull. It was cast in platinum and covered with 8601 diamonds that cost £14 million pounds. The skull was sold for approximately $100million dollars.

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