Did you know… knitting

Posted on 21st October 2013 | in Community

Do you love knitting? Do you knit for your family or yourself or for charity? Well I have to warn you that you are in possession of lethal weapons! Yes, truly! That is what Health and Safety consider them to be. They asked the Cramlington Librarian, “Have you ever been attacked by a knitting needle?”

The ‘Knit and Knatter’ group have been meeting in the library once a week for three years.  They knit garments for premature babies and items for midwives in training.  They met in the library at the request of the Council and were given free use of the room.  Now, without explanation they can no longer do so.  Their MP  Wayne Daley calls it a ‘barmy’ decision. So do they.  So beware all you knitters, hide away those needles if you hear a knock at the door.
Lou Pickering

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