Fireworks on the beach?

Posted on 25th October 2013 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

If you are planning to set off fireworks on the beach this weekend, beach managers on the Northumberland Coast are appealing to you to clear up the remains once it is safe to do so.

Last November, beach managers, rangers and the public reported large numbers of used fireworks left on the beach by bonfire night party-goers.

Iain Robson from the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership said “We recognise that our beaches are relatively free of light pollution and as such are great places to set off fireworks. We are asking people to take five minutes to clear away any remains of fireworks, once it is safe to do so and to take them home and dispose of them properly.

“Clearing up after your firework party might be best left until the following morning when the used fireworks will be safe to handle and easier to find. Fireworks left behind spoil our beautiful coastline for those that visit afterwards and can also be a hazard to wildlife.”

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