Foundation bale is placed at Hauxley’s eco visitor centre

Posted on 24th July 2015 | in Hauxley Nature Reserve , Heritage & Tourism , Northumberland Wildlife Trust

(l- r) volunteer Christine Hall; NWT Chief Exec Mike Pratt; Architect Henry Amos; NWT President Chris Mullen

(l- r) Volunteer builder Christine Hall; NWT Chief Exec Mike Pratt; Architect Henry Amos; NWT President Chris Mullin

The first straw bale has been placed in the foundations of the new eco visitor centre at Hauxley Nature Reserve.

Chris Mullin, President of Northumberland Wildlife Trust, and Mike Pratt, Chief Exec of Northumberland Wildlife Trust placed the first straw bale, part of the eco-friendly walls at Hauxley Nature Reserve’s new Wildlife Discovery visitor centre.

The new eco building was designed by architect Henry Amos of Brightblue Studio in North Shields and utilises environmentally sustainable construction methods and materials.

Stone gabions and straw bales will form part of the walls, while large wooden framed windows will afford breathtaking views over the Hauxley ponds and offer uninterrupted views of the abundant bird and wildlife.

Chris Mullin, author, journalist and former MP for Sunderland South (1987 – 2010) is also Chair of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s North East Committee. He and Mike Pratt lifted the first straw bale and placed it on hand crafted wooden stakes, fastened into the building’s foundations. The innovative modern building replaces the main hide and office which was devastated by arson in 2010.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust intend the new visitor centre to host an exciting programme of recreational, educational and volunteering activities designed to re-connect people with nature and the wider landscape.

Design for Hauxley Nature Reserve's new visitor centre

Design for Hauxley Nature Reserve’s new visitor centre

You can follow the build and see the volunteers’ and experts’ progress via their facebook page.

Hauxley Nature Reserve will be closed until summer 2016 when the Wildlife Discovery visitor centre should be complete.

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