Trips the Cat and other poems

Posted on 01st December 2015 | in Community

Poems by Graham Clarke

We said goodbye to Trips this year, oh I miss when she did purr.
She would sit on my lap and it was like when my feet tap.
Trips, Trips, you beautiful cat, you used to run around with the speed of a bat.
You were cute and your feistiness was like someone with a feisty boot.
Trips, you loved your food, it put you in a good mood.
You liked your cat milk, your fur was like silk.
Trips, you used to play football with my other cat Foley, you scored against him and he was a good goalie.
Now you and him are gone but you’ll always be as one.
You were mischevious like my other cats Ross and Whity, your hearts were mighty.
Ross drunk my milk drink, the cheeky little bugger is what I think.

Christmas is war
Christmas is war and war is Christmas, war can be a bore and we want more.
Christmas cracker time is when we show our fight, who’s going to win with all their might.
When we’re apart from our families we miss them very very much, we miss eating with them and their human touch.
Christmas is a time to be together and leave memories that will last forever.

My family 
I love my family very, very much, they have a nice human touch. Together we have fun, feeling like a runner on a run.
We’ve grieved together and shared memories that’ll last forever.
We’re well knitted like an army and I like eating Peperami.
We enjoy drink and food, that put’s us in a good mood. Together on-line we have conversations and some of them are from different nations.
I miss them very, very much when I’m apart from them, they’re more precious than a gem.I’ll treasure them dearly and be with them freely.


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