Our milkman brings all the cows to the yard

Posted on 09th May 2016 | in Business News , Community , News

cow looking at Alan Conway

Alan Conway and his cows at High Hauxley dairy farm

Enterprising dairy farmer Alan Conway is hoping to bring back the traditional milk-to-your-doorstep delivery service and create jobs for wounded service personnel.

Last year we reported how the price dairy farmers were getting for their milk had dropped from 34p per litre to 19p. This year the price has fallen again.

“We get 17.5p per litre for milk now, so that puts a strain on things,” explained Alan. “We’ve fancied the idea of selling milk direct for a while now, and there’s a big demand for local produce these days.”

The Conway family have been running their 200 acre dairy farm at High Hauxley for decades. They have 120 cows and are not short of ideas for diversification. Last year they even introduced the idea of a Zombie run on their farm, although sadly in the end, not enough people signed up.

Watching a TV programme about the Walking with the Wounded charity sparked the idea that Alan and his family could use their new project to help some of these wounded ex-soldiers back in to work.

“I emailed Walking with the Wounded and we are in the midst of discussions about the idea,” said Alan.

The family plans to build a dairy on the farm at High Hauxley, which will include pasteurising, homogenising and bottling equipment. They will produce whole, semi, skimmed milk as well as cream and possibly butter.

Alan is hoping enough people will want to buy this local product, with the bonus being that they would be helping injured ex- service personnel to get back to work. They aim to sell to households as well as local restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

“We will sell to pretty much anyone who wants local produce. The milk will be reasonably priced, and on your doorstep first thing in the morning, not sitting there all day in the sunshine!” said Alan.

If you are interested in learning more or signing up for the milk delivery service, please contact Alan via Facebook: www.Facebook.com/HauxleyFarm or email hauxleyfarm@yahoo.co.uk

They have also set up an online survey to get an idea of demand and what service customers would like. You can find the survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JGG3LF3

Anna Williams

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