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Posted on 07th December 2017 | in Business News , Community

A new column from Amble-based Small Business PR specialist Claire Shiels

Businesses which rely heavily on tourist trade will inevitably suffer outside the season. However, it’s worth remembering that a customer is a customer, regardless of where they live. They liked what they saw enough the first time to buy your product or use your service, so it’s in your best interests to keep them hooked.

Whether you’re a restaurant or a shop, how are you ensuring that you keep in touch with every single one of your customers? If possible, I’d recommend you have a website. Whether you choose to add an additional revenue stream by selling products online is up to you – but it costs very little and can help to support the business when footfall has significantly decreased.

For every single customer that comes through the door, make sure you’re able to stay in touch by asking for their email address on a pre-printed card. (Make sure there’s a box on there for them to tick if they’re happy to be contacted by email). You might want to add a sweetener by entering the card into a regular prize draw. Those customers happy to stay in touch should be treated to a variety of benefits including discounts, events and exclusive info on new stock. You could even send them an e-Christmas card! Invite them to your group or page on social media, send them regular e-newsletters….marketing promotions can cost absolutely nothing – all it takes is time.

Your marketplace has changed. Successful businesses now rely on technology rather than pure footfall. You’re in the very fortunate position of having a customer base that is global and you should be courting every single customer the same way, whether they live in Amble or New York.

Never before has your business been able to shout about its successes and offerings right across the world, in a matter of minutes. Just make sure you’re making the most of every opportunity so that when the tourist season ends and the darkness draws in, you’re still able to maintain business revenue.

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