Future may mean no Christmas lights

Posted on 22nd February 2018 | in Community , Letters & Email , Opinion

19 November 2017 saw another successful evening when the parade combined with the switch on took place. The parade was a great show and a credit to the volunteers who spend so much time and effort in the organization. Our thanks should also be extended to all the groups and individuals participating in the parade, well done! I should also like to mention the spectators, what a crowd, seeming larger than ever and everyone in good spirits. All these things combined to give a fantastic atmosphere.
You may well remember on the night there was a street collection with people from the events committee, Rotary club and the Christmas lights committee manning the buckets. Your collective generosity generated the total sum of £530.54. Thank you to all who contributed. The proceeds were split three ways between the events group, Rotary and lights group.

The entire Christmas lights committee deserve recognition from the town for the many hours of voluntary work they put in. The workshop team have worked hard throughout the year and have produced a superb lighting display for the town. There are many others that contribute directly or indirectly to the Christmas lights, especially where funding is concerned.

Our thanks go to the following: The Town Council, shops and businesses on the main streets, our own secretary, who raises a lot of money throughout the year, the Development Trust, several organizations and clubs and numerous other individuals. I would like to thank you all, without your generosity we would not be in a position to continue. This is best summed up by saying that the folk of Amble are helpful, supportive, and friendly; a great community.

I’ve said my positive piece; unfortunately this bit is somewhat on the negative side. For several years I have made pleas for more volunteers to join our workshop team, and indeed a small number have joined us, almost equally matched by the number that have left our ranks. The real problem is that we are all getting older, some with medical problems, our ages ranging from 70 to 80. None of us are immune to ageing and new blood is required, it takes time to learn the ropes, and that must be while we still have people on board that have learnt the skills. We particularly require electricians, at this time we have just one electrician!

In January the team continued the work, but the town has been put on alert and informed what the future may hold – no lights!.
Anyone interested in joining the team please contact Trevor Colbourne on 01665 711453 or John Harker on 01665 710112.
May I take this opportunity to wish all readers a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year

Trevor Colbourne Chairman, Amble Christmas Lights

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