JCSC students take part in prestigious research programme

Posted on 11th June 2019 | in Community , James Calvert Spence College - Acklington Rd

Two JCSC students are setting their sights on university after taking part in a prestigious science research programme. Chloe Cannon (18) and Jamie Ramshaw (17) were both selected to take part in the Nuffield Foundation programme, which places students in industry or academic projects run by universities.

Jamie Ramshaw and Chloe Cannon

Chloe was chosen to take part in a maths and statistics project with NewRail, based in Newcastle University. She analysed the number and type of projects available to those looking for a career in the rail industry in 15 different countries.

She did so well, her findings were published and will be used in future academic research. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard they had published my paper, with my name as the lead writer,” she said. “I had 2000 pieces of data and had to put it all together. I made graphs, wrote up the data and saw where there were gaps. I am so pleased I did it. It made me realise that although I want to pursue a career in chemistry, that I could do something like this, so I am on the right track.”

Chloe’s paper ‘Data analysis of current and emerging skills development and training schemes in the rail transport sector’ is published by the Journal of Educational Research and Review.

Research will develop new products

Jamie got a placement with Tracerco, an industrial technology company in Billingham. Despite a daily four hour commute, he very much enjoyed the experience. As part of a development team, he researched how best to track oil flow as it travels from undersea wells into pipelines.

By introducing chemicals into the oil, they were able to trace and measure the flow and thereby build up a better picture of the process. This research will go towards developing new products.

Jamie said, “I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I made the decision to go into chemistry. I think I’d like to go into organic chemistry, maybe the oil industry.”

Praise for JCSC’s science department

Both students are hoping to study chemistry at university; Chloe has an offer from St Andrews, and Jamie has an unconditional offer from Hull. They were both full of praise for the science department at JCSC. “There’s a really good chemistry department here. I was inspired by the Head of Science.” said Chloe.

Head of science Janice Bailey said “I am so very proud of them both. They are planning to continue their studies in the science field and I’m confident their contributions to science will change lives. They are both truly remarkable students and have worked hard to achieve their goals to date. They represent our students past and future. Determined, tenacious and caring.”
Anna Williams

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