Kind hearted gifts to Little Princess Trust

Posted on 01st October 2019 | in Community

Martha Dellbridge

Well done Martha
On Friday [Aug 2] my 11 year-old daughter Martha, a JCSC student, had an amazing 32” cut from her hair which she is donating to the Little Princess Trust to make wigs for young cancer sufferers. She has always been known for her super long hair, so this is a total change for her. They asked for 16”, we planned to donate 20” but ended up with 32”! She has so far raised £211 for the charity as well as donating the hair

Ailsa Dellbridge




Felicity Simpson

Well done Felicity
My amazing eight year old daughter Felicity Simpson did a beautiful thing today [Mon 2 Sept] for The Princess Trust and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Thank you to Viki Bainbridge for cutting and restyling her hair for free and thank you to everyone for their sponsors and online donations.  Now Felicity can make another little girl smile. She managed to raise £550.  She hit her target!!! Well done Felicity
Kat Simpson

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