Age of Insecurity #125

Posted on 03rd December 2020 | in Community

Pen in hand and a blank sheet of A4 in front of me and I hardly know where to start. News of Track and Trace and the difficulty of testing millions of students before the Christmas break fills the news.

Harry McQuillen

Control of Covid is in the minds of parliamentarians and health professionals, to say nothing of the general public. The problems will be with us for some time. Would anybody like to suggest a Magic Bullet approach?

Deaths and hospital admissions have soared after a delayed lockdown. The lesson is obvious; do as you’re told, or people will die. There are glimmers of light, with the likelihood of a vaccination for Covid. It’s worrying to think that there are so many anti-vaxxers in our society. Vaccination only works if enough members of the population accept it. I know that I’ll be happy to have it.

Unprecedented financial support is out there for those who know how to access it. Rancour and controversy will continue, as it always does in times of trouble.

Rishi Sunak, my tip as a future Prime Minister, shows strong nerve and sound judgement. Besides, he looks pretty fit, and that’s always an asset for those who accept high office.

Dominic Cummings will soon leave for pastures new, ensuring our Prime Minister will have to appoint a new chief of staff. DC has proved to be a marmite character, so I prefer not to comment.

Across the Pond there’s a whole lot of presidential pique from the incumbent at the White House. The ultimate sore loser, DJ Trump may well retreat into his Trump Tower refuge, to pour vitriol on anybody who has helped oversee his downfall.

Fortunately our transatlantic cousins ensure checks and balances through their constitution. Sadly DJT has power of Hire and Fire, even in the dying days of his administration. As I write, he is still questioning the election result. Over 70 million citizens of the USA voted for him!

Back home, in the background there’s talks of infrastructure projects of all sizes. A Stonehenge underpass and HS2 are two of the main developments we’re likely to see.

Nearer to home there’s talk of a rail link for passengers between Ashington and Newcastle. Feasibility, cost and priority will come into play. These things take time and, with luck, wise heads will prevail.

Decent weather and our wonderful beaches have attracted record numbers of visitors. Holiday lets have been used a lot, including the estimated 400 in Amble. We’ve been discovered by many people who usually head for the sun.

The number of lets gives rise to grumbles about the inability of young locals to find a home in the area. My feeling has always included the thought that one can’t buck the market.

Once again I can confirm my love for my home area, and my home town. Here’s to the FUTURE!
Harry McQuillen

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