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Posted on 08th December 2020 | in Amble Town Council

All meetings at 6pm via Zoom until further notice – details on website
Town: 10th December, 14th January 2021, 11th February 2021
Amenities: 28th January 2021

Like many, we were very disappointed that the Covid guidelines meant the usual Remembrance Sunday service could not be held. Despite this, but aware that representatives from various organisations would like to lay wreaths, we had organised to enable them to do so at a safe social distance following the two minutes silence – then the regulations changed and we were advised it would not be prudent to go ahead. However THEY WERE REMEMBERED. It was wonderful to see the wreaths and commemorations placed there by individuals going in their own time determined to still pay tribute. Those laid on behalf of the town were placed there on Armistice Day itself.

Work continues here to remove and replace some of the planting there with the hope that the ‘ground’ areas will be complete for next Spring. The remodelling of the raised beds at the front has been started with Amble and Warkworth Rotary undertaking to empty and replant one bed over the coming months. The other raised bed will be worked on in the coming year. Plans for the Seafarers Memorial were well advanced before being delayed by the current Covid restrictions put in place. Thanks to many peoples’ generosity we now have all the elements and are eager, when it is possible, to see the work completed.

Sadly another event not taking place due to the current situation; a time when Council thanks all those who have helped not just with council projects but also with community support- many giving their time voluntarily. This year in particular there are many, many more wonderful people who have been working hard helping our community through the last months of change. We extend our heartfelt thanks to you all in whatever way you have helped- whether it be for a single individual or more; whether in a professional role or a neighbourly one; whether caring, shopping or just a call to say ‘Need Any Help?’ Whatever you have done has been much appreciated by all.

What cheer those wonderful Christmas lights volunteers are bringing to us all, by managing to erect all the lights and brighten not only the town but all our lives. We are lucky to have so many wonderful people in our community; although we could not thank them by turning out for the annual switch on, we hope they know that we do all appreciate all the work they put in.

After a long wait for the best time to uplift them, the majestic ‘live’ nordmann fir trees have now been planted in the gardens at the Memorials and High Street thanks to the hard work of Bill Dodd and Northwood Tree Surgery aided by many helpful volunteers and operatives from NCC, Amble Boat Company, Amble Marina, Councillors and ATC staff.
It is hoped these slow growing evergreen species with minimal leaf drop will give pleasure for many years to come.

The new rope bridge and net were installed at the end of October. We hope those using them will be age appropriate and that everyone will discourage any vandalism as play equipment is very expensive to replace. We are currently reassessing the water feature as we have never been pleased with how it works since it was installed under the joint project with NCC. Several attempts have been made to improve parts of it with little difference. We have also been meeting with NCC officers about the ever present flooding issue in the low lying part near the hill by the rear of Sea View. Currently a contractor is investigating the drainage which was put in place and from there it is hoped that a solution can be suggested and then finance found to implement it.

At long last Northumbria Water have connected the supply here, just in time for it to be switched off for the winter! We apologise for this long delay which has unfortunately been out of our hands. Despite understanding the delay in the beginning (that a cemetery was not a priority when staff numbers were reduced due to Covid 19,) we have been desperately contacting them over the last months. We have had inspections of the work which have not been fully reported; then further visits with connection dates which have not been met….but now we have water there. The new fountainhead is in place ready for Spring and the tarmac work on the drive, which had to be put on hold until the utility work was complete, is now done. The rest of the memorials have been tested for stability and where possible owners have been contacted to have work carried out to make them safe.

As you read this, our country may be emerging from a second lockdown: a hard time for all, but especially for the vulnerable. My hope is that we did not forget our sense of community spirit with many organisations and individuals coming to the fore as local heroes.
Now more than ever we need to act responsibly to keep ourselves and others safe. Strive to be kind –helping those that might need a little extra support, interacting with local services and key workers who work tirelessly (often unacknowledged) to ensure that those in our local community who need help get this.
On a brighter note, despite restrictions making our Christmas procession impossible, Amble Events committee start a new tradition inspired by the need to socially distance. It is intended to bring light, community spirit and celebration to the streets and doorsteps of Amble. Individuals and groups are asked to fill the windows of their homes with illuminated illustrations, installations and lanterns depicting their favourite ‘Myths or Legends’ Check out Dry Water Arts web page for ideas on how to join in with this.
Cllr. Jane Dargue


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