Amble is going goosey!

Posted on 08th February 2021 | in Community

The Dry Water Arts Centre team invite you to join in our journey toward change – by way of The Goose. Participate in our online goose related workshops at and share your creations in your windows as a symbol of hope, togetherness and support in the current period of lockdown.

Make a goose to stick in your window

Why Geese?
At Dry Water (pre Covid) we would often rush outside to witness what we called Goose o’Clock. This being anytime the honking of geese overhead encouraged us to go look at the wide blue sky, to consider those magnificent formations above us, going about their daily flight paths.

It is a honking call to remember that what holds us and helps us is our sense of belonging to each other and the direction of travel we take together. It is fair to say we do love a goose for what they symbolise about the strength of togetherness, of purposefulness and for their amazing team work. In the past year it has become an increasingly important symbol for us.
So, in the next few challenging months we would like to invite you to go a bit Goosey!

What’s Involved?
The idea is simple, and given our communities incredible ability to create and participate, we know that all kinds of unexpected things will emerge. We invite you to make a goose or flock of geese to hang/stick or place in your window throughout this current period of lockdown, to be an outward symbol of journeying together, holding together and our place in the big scheme of things.

Contact Dry Water Arts for how to make a goose

As ever, we encourage you to let fly with your ideas and use your creativity and your windows to announce your place in the family of things and to hold fast to our sense of belonging.

For more information about the Going Goosey Project -Head to our website or give us a call on tel: 07542 141411 if you find being online difficult and one of the team will drop instructions and templates off so you can participate.

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