Armchair travelling with ADEA

Posted on 08th February 2021 | in Adult/evening classes

Amble & District Education Association (ADEA)
We invite any Zoomers who would enjoy our Spring Term offering of armchair travelling to join us on Thursday mornings for some or all of our illustrated talks by four of our current members. This term, we will be travelling to Ethiopia, Jordan, the Maginot Line and even diving at the edge of the world!
Our Zoom pilot, which started in October 2020, was extremely well received and feedback tells us how much members have enjoyed staying connected and learning in this new way for many of us.

List of courses Feb- March
11 February: Richard Booth – ‘St Kilda, diving the edge of the world.’ An island archipelago situated 40 miles out in wild Atlantic waters with a fascinating human history and with a stunning under water environment which offers some of the finest diving in the UK.
18 February: Ian Baulch-Jones – Arnhem
25 February: Alan Jones – Zambia
4 March: Liza Cole – ‘From Tysties to Tommy Noddies’ – the seabirds of the British Isles.
11 March: Richard Booth – ‘Hidden Gems of Northumberland part 2’. Local historical sites of Northumberland explored.
18 March: Ian Baulch-Jones – Treaties and their legacy
25 March: Alan Jones – Jordan
There is no need to formally join our group just log in, get to know us and enjoy! You can find out more about us at by contacting Allan Sutherland at
Happy travelling in those armchairs!
Rosie Barrett, ADEA Secretary

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