Protect your pooches from dog theft

Posted on 09th February 2021 | in Community

Almost every dog owner knows that dog thefts are rising as a result of a growing demand for dogs and puppies during lockdown. Being able to make up to £3000 for a dog, or tens of thousands for a prime dog that can provide two or three litters of puppies, means thieves are seeing this as a quick way to make money.

It’s made worse in the knowledge that the fines and punishments for dog theft are ridiculously small (typically £250) and the courts see a dog as something no more than a bicycle or a bag of sweets. However to a family, a dog is a huge part of their lives.

A non-profit campaign (The DogHorn Campaign) was set up in late November 2020 to bring awareness to the local area of dog thefts and to help educate dog owners in an area of dog theft in the few seconds before and the minutes straight after a theft or attempted theft. It’s advice gives a greater chance of preventing a theft through a number of different strategies.
Campaign organisers say that the key to success is through visibility, teamwork and having devices that will generate a warning sound.

To learn more visit Doghorn’s website, or join their facebook page @doghorngroup. It’s a site dedicated to help dog owners prepare for avoiding a dog theft, and prepare for one just in case it happens.

Apart from stocking products and providing excellent advice, it is also helping with petitions to make the much-needed changes to the Law to increase fines and sentences for dog theft.
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