Trust Life #131

Posted on 07th December 2021 | in Amble Development Trust

Welcome back to Trust Life and your Christmas edition of The Ambler.

By the time you read this, hopefully we have had the Lights Festival, in all its glory. We hope it was enjoyable. The occasion was organised then reorganised by the Events Committee volunteers and Dry Water Arts. Due to the possibility of new Covid restrictions being enforced, the group took the decision to arrange activities in an area that allowed for greater social distancing. Plus a different location allowed new ideas to be introduced.

Now to the few who have moaned on social media about it being a shame that local businesses would miss out and those who make decisions not consulting the community, I say: rather than denigrate those who volunteer their time and efforts to doing something for the community, come and join us, roll your sleeves up and see what is involved. Everyone is welcome, but know there are responsibilities involved. This small group of volunteers have to arrange the event, raise funds for insurance, first aid, security, stewarding and licenses. This as well as fitting in with their day jobs. So if you feel aggrieved, do something about it and help. You will find constructive comments are appreciated!

The Welfare
At the Welfare we have two teams using the pitches and pavilion which is great news. However sadly one of the new basketball nets has been vandalized. It is obvious that someone decided to swing from them – well done that person, although I doubt you are reading this column. But once we have the CCTV footage the repair bill will be in the post!

The rubber crumb base in the children’s play area is also in need of repair. We have been doing small repairs for some time, but now the surface is in need of more major work. We have materials on order but will be looking for funding to repair the whole surface once we have received quotes for the work. We really don’t want to close this area off so please bear with us.

A community orchard is planned for Amble

We are also planning a community orchard in the Welfare. We have some fruit trees on order, only a few but we wanted to make a start. These should be with us by the end of November ready to plant.
We also have 120 trees to plant through the County Council /Governments Climate Change project.
If anyone would like to get involved with planting or developing a community orchard, email Andrew Gooding:

Bird Sculpture Trail
On the bird sculpture trail – some progress has been made. We have planning for one sculpture and the others are now being consulted upon. Hopefully we will have some positive news soon and make a long awaited start on getting everything installed.

Trustees have now agreed to open the job search facilities from 9.30 – 11.30 each week day. Currently if you want to contact The Ambler, or require a CV you can do so by ringing 01665 712929 or emailing or
And on that note we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year.

Julia and all trust staff and trustees

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