Reports from our County Councillors #132

Posted on 01st February 2022 | in Northumberland County Council

Councillor Jeff Watson


Storm Arwen caused a considerable amount of damage to trees in my ward, particularly between the A1068 and The Braid area. This is a great loss to the town and many fine specimens were lost.
After I examined the damaged area, I requested that it was properly managed and tidied up, I have also requested that new trees are planted to replace the ones destroyed. I believe the work is just about to start as I write this report.

Northumberland County Council are to hold an investigation on how the utility companies and our own highways department dealt with the issues of the storm and hope to learn how we can handle such an event if it ever reoccurs. The public are encouraged to have input and access to this investigation.
The draft budget of NCC for the year 22/23 is just about to be published but you will be pleased to know that no front-line services will be cut and there is good news re: affordable housing, upgrade of public toilets and substantial funding for road improvements in our area.

I understand that the promised discussions re: school building requirements with JCSC are underway and I look forward to seeing an appropriate plan agreed this year.

Jeff Watson,
NCC Councillor for Amble West with Warkworth 07802 385367

Councillor Terry Clark


Storm Arwen arrived on the 26 – 27 November hitting Amble and surrounding areas during the night and following day leaving behind a dire situation, 100mph winds blowing roofs off, fencing over and trees down, with residents fearing for their safety.

NCC had teams working all weekend in atrocious conditions to support communities affected by the storm, this included removing trees in danger of falling onto homes, unblocking major routes and roads around Amble, Hauxley and North Broomhill, as well as helping make safe public space around collapsed walls, gable ends and chimney stacks.

I can’t speak highly enough of the sterling work put in by council staff and volunteers offering support within our community, everybody involved worked extremely hard keeping our communities safe throughout one of the worst storms we have ever seen.

They have done a tremendous job in incredibly challenging conditions managing hundreds of reports of storm damage which came in over that weekend.

NCC continue to prioritise incidents, this means it may take longer than usual to attend to incidents such as fencing, road signage and smaller amounts of debris which have been left by the storm, also dealing with less urgent service requests.

I would like to thank all our residents for their patience and understanding while NCC work their way through these issues.

Labour leader Keir Starmer made a visit to Northumberland, visiting people affected by the storm, taking the views and responses from residents and businesses on the challenges facing people from Storm Arwen and Storm Boris.

He also took time visiting Coquet Medical Centre vaccination site, thanking all the staff and volunteers for all the hard work they put in vaccinating our community and keeping us safe.
Protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated and continue with updated booster vaccinations.
Keep safe and well.

Cllr Terry Clark
Amble, Hauxley, North Broomhill. 07779 983768

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