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Posted on 03rd February 2022 | in Amble Town Council , Community , Local Councils

Meetings Town: 6pm, 10th February, 10th March both at Masonic Hall, Gloster Terrace
Amenities: 6pm, 31st March at Council Offices

It was late in December before the ‘whips’ were received so planting had to be deferred to this year. Hopefully by the time you read this, the cemetery boundary planting by the school pupils will have either been carried out or be scheduled. There is also planting to be done at the Braid copses by Amble Youth Project, Coquet Rowing Club and volunteers; there are plans too for some in other areas of the town. Country Parks have agreed to take any remaining whips and plant other copses at the Braid and elsewhere, so in years to come Amble should have more trees for our future generations to admire and also to encourage more bird and insect life.

Talks continue with NCC regarding additional speed signage for the centre of town, removal of some redundant information signs and changes in markings to give safer passage out of the Leazes Street car park by prevent parking too close to the exit. Northumbria Police continue to monitor speeding in Church Street and Acklington Road areas. NCC have agreed to place some crossing points in Percy Drive to make it safer for all those trying to traverse it. Discussions about the state of many of our Rights of Way and well- travelled pathways continue; however maintenance is often hampered by attempts to determine actual ownership of some of these areas. We continue to press for improvements as we feel it is important to encourage more healthy walking and cycling for both business and leisure.

Did you miss the clock striking midnight and heralding in 2022? It’s many people’s habit to glance at the clock as they walk down Queen Street and around the Town Square area….so it is a real miss when it is not working. Unfortunately the pendulum spring has broken- a part which lasts many years and so did not need replaced in any of the previous refurbishment works which were carried out. Due to the specialist nature of the mechanics in these old clocks, there are very few firms who carry out the work. We have placed the order but must await our time slot for repair, so please be patient and hopefully it will not be too long.

Storm Arwen had a devastating effect on many in our area as well as those in our own community. Roof tiles, chimney stacks, walls, fences- anything and everything you can imagine suffered. Water, electricity, phone lines, roads were all affected too. Thankfully there were few reports of people being hurt despite damage to property and vehicles. It was wonderful to hear how people rallied round to help those in their locality, offering food, shelter, clothing and goods to ease the stress of such troubling times. Thank you all for your immediate assistance and your continued kindness, compassion and generosity to all. The West Cemetery is still in rather a mess as we await the removal of the debris of fallen and split trees- despite them being inspected regularly and found safe, nothing could have prepared anyone for the scene of destruction there! It will be some time before everything is sorted. Fences have been repaired but the damage to the newly laid surface around the fountain will have to wait for assessment until the massive root ball is removed. Please be assured that all damage done will be assessed and repairs carried out where needed but meanwhile please do be extra careful if you are visiting the cemetery.

Tree planting is the first of the celebration events planned by the Council. Procedures are well underway for the Fireworks display to be held on the Braid on Thursday 21 April- Her Majesty’s birthday. If any local traders with their own energy supply would like to come along to offer refreshments to those gathered there, can you please write to the Clerk stating what you propose to serve by 28th February. Successful traders will be contacted by 15th March and asked to provide copies of their relevant documentation. Plans are being finalised for a leisure activity on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June- details soon.

Please take extra care when using these as there are still several areas where individual plot boundary fencing has not been repaired after the storm. Whilst many have been replaced, some are either awaiting removal or leaning over. Tenants are responsible for repairs but even getting materials is a bit of a challenge at the moment. Skips were provided to help with debris removal as lots of sheds, greenhouses, polytunnels etc. were wrecked by the gales.

Despite all the staff shortages caused by Covid and its variations, we should remember to be grateful for all those who have still worked so hard to try and maintain services for us. Yes, there are some differences, but in the main shops are open, businesses are working, deliveries are made, health centres and pharmacies operate, hospitals care for those who need them, schools function, tradesmen are busy helping all, county operatives empty our bins and carry on their other duties, hospitality and leisure venues are adapting, utilities staff maintain and repair as quickly as they possibly can- and numerous others in various capacities are still out there for us including our wonderful community volunteers. Don’t forget that a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way.

(Views expressed are those of the individual and not necessarily those of the council)
Winter is still officially with us but as I view my garden on a bitterly cold day, I can already see signs of new beginnings- the first signs of bulbs emerging, the buds starting on the shrubs. A cheering sight that brings great hope that despite all the hardships of the last months, we can all look to a brighter future. Those of us who have been unwell with whatever ailment can wish for better health; those who have lost loved ones can try to hold fast to the good memories made over the years; some will be looking forward to expanding their family either by new birth or new partnerships. Forget about new year resolutions which are so quickly broken- just let us all look forward rather than back and in so doing try to be as good a person as we can possibly be.

Helen Lewis

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