Stone trail update

Posted on 19th August 2022 | in Community

In case people are wondering what happened to all the hundreds of painted stones placed at the Little Shore during the start of the pandemic, by local children, adults and visitors, here is the story…

a trail of painted stones along the edge of a footpath

The original stone ‘snake’ trail at the Little Shore

A small group of volunteers collected the stones when the weather started to fade some of the paintings. Jacqui and I then spent the next six months varnishing them.

We have now reached the last stage of securing the stones in a permanent spot around the Town Square. Our building partner, Peter, has estimated the cost of materials for a pair of timber strips either side of the existing grass path, concrete and special mortar to be £350.

a painted stone

Seaside stone

We will need digging equipment to dig the narrow trenches for the concrete, and we need volunteers to help place the stones in the concrete. So, a band of willing workers to volunteer their, time, materials and equipment could enable this long-drawn-out project to come to fruition hopefully before September.

Volunteers need to be physically fit, and tradespeople would be ideal.

We have a fuller list of what is needed to be done should anyone wish to help. Contact: the Ambler via email:

painted stones

I want your chips

A big thank you to our current donors:
J Young – varnish; Harbour Commissioners and Amble Boat Yard – stone storage; Amble Town Council – donation; Amble Development Trust – town square location.

Stone trail volunteer community team: Beth, Jacqui Jones, Kate Morrison, Peter Sample and Stephen Lunn

Kate Morrison

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