• Motorhome parking on the Braid

    1st April 2022

    Tourists heading to our beautiful coastline will have three new places to stay – after councillors…

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  • Trust Life #133

    1st April 2022

    Welcome back to Trust Life. I begin this passage of Trust Life with a message to…

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  • Amble Town Council Report#133

    31st March 2022

    Town: 6pm, 14th April, 12th May AGM: 6pm 12th May Venue: TBC Amenities: 6pm, 31st March,…

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  • A proud history of helping those affected by disaster

    29th March 2022

    Amble people have a proud history of helping those affected by disaster in Ukraine and eastern…

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  • Amble responds with aid and support for Ukraine

    25th March 2022

    Generous Amble residents have donated goods and money to help the people of Ukraine, with hundreds…

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  • Artograffi #133

    21st March 2022

    Happy Penguin Day!!! Aren’t penguins amazing? (The answer is yes) They are so amazing that they…

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  • Vera is back filming in Amble

    16th March 2022

    Fans of ITV detective series Vera were thrilled to see the cast and crew back in…

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  • Flying the flag for Amble

    4th March 2022

    A competition has been launched to design a flag for Amble, which will be flown in…

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  • Skipper ‘gutted’ at loss of trawler

    25th February 2022

    Crowds gathered today to watch salvage teams as they began to raise an Amble fishing boat…

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  • New housing proposal wants your feedback

    24th February 2022

    Plans to create a ‘Lifetime Neighbourhood’ in Amble are being drawn up by Northumberland Estates and…

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