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Diamond Jubilee: thanks and badges

Thank you to all who took part in the Jubilee event on June 4th. I hope the community of Amble and all visitors enjoyed the day. The weather was an added bonus staying fine throughout.

My thanks to ATC for the administration help and the magnificent fireworks display. On the day, after everything was paid, a small profit of £127 was made for Amble Action Group and this along with donations from businesses and individuals will be used to help fund further events throughout the year.

Some of the guides with the Mayor Ian Hinson, who awarded the badges.

For future events to succeed we are still in need of more volunteers both for the committee and to help with events.
Thank you.
Craig Weir, Chairman Amble Action Group


Guides in Jubilee parade

The First Amble Girl guides received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Badge after taking part in the parade down to the Square.

They were accompanied by Jan Hall, assistant leader and Lisa Hobden, leader.

Jan was delighted to hear that the Northumberland flag carried by one of the guides was the same flag that she had carried as a young guide, more than 20 years ago.

Jubilee images slideshow

Fireworks video

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