Coble Quay: housing and retail plans

Posted on 28th February 2014 | in Business News , News

Coble-Quay-housing-photo-1Plans to turn a derelict part of the quayside into a vibrant and desirable addition to the Friendliest Port have been submitted to Northumberland County Council. The plans include housing, retail and office space and would occupy an area between the Town Square and the waterfront.

Coble Quay Developments Ltd, Nick Spurr, (owner of Amble Boat Yard and Spurreli Boutique Ice Cream) and Tony Pull, a builder and former owner of a builder’s merchant’s business have teamed up with architect Mario Minchella with the idea of transforming the derelict yard into an imaginative project.

Tony is the project manager and he described the plans:   “There would be 17 waterside apartments, with plenty of parking and space for up to three retail units as well as office space. The two bedroom and duplex apartments are designed in blocks of four and five storeys with views over the harbour and marina. They will be built in stages, with the full project hopefully completed within 18 – 24 months”.

Coble-Quay-development-planAlthough the office space will become Amble Boat Yard’s new HQ, the retail units will be available to anyone. The idea is to provide more outlets for good quality food: the plans include a food preparation area and a pavement café.

Even as Amble’s reputation for great food increases, a recent report instigated by Northumberland County Council suggests that the development could be beneficial to the whole town.

A decision is expected to be made by Northumberland County Council’s planning committee on March 18. You can see the plans on the County Council’s planning website.


If given the go-ahead, this is how the Coble Quay and Harbour Village development plans  could fit together

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5 thoughts on "Coble Quay: housing and retail plans"

  1. Katrina Cassiy says:

    Hopefully affordable and not bought as second homes and left empty 2\3 of the year – but potentially fantastic for Amble

  2. Audrey Leitch says:

    Marvellous development of unused land. Congratulations and best wishes.

  3. Anne areeve says:

    Wil the apartments be affordable or are they targeted for people that will not live in Amble 12 months of the year? Shame

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