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More on Harrison clocks

I saw your follow-up article to the original piece about Harrison clocks in this month’s Ambler and thought I would write in.
Mrs Smith may be interested to know that there is a Longcase Harrison clock in the Bowes museum. I was there just at the beginning of May and spotted the maker as being Harrison of Newcastle and thought the maker’s name rang a bell. It must have been from when I read your article in Issue 61. If Mrs Smith is interested in the clock, the museum has full details of it on its website. It cites it as being made in c1780 and the maker as John Harrison 1767-98. Are all the John Harrisons in the ever growing list related?

Hilary Shutt Amble via email

Ed replies: Perhaps we should start a John Harrison Facebook page

Seek young people’s opinions

When my son Gary was ten years old, his teacher was taking a lesson on astronomy. Half way through the lesson Gary stood up and said “Excuse me sir, but you have not got your facts right.” “All right,” the teacher replied, “If you know so much, Gary, why don’t you come to the front and take the lesson?” and Gary did.

Years later as a sports master at a private school near Bournemouth, I heard several boys discussing politics and I was amazed at their knowledge. The point I am making is, those politicians and academics, who are haggling over democracy, are forgetting, a few decades hence, they won’t be alive to see the fruits of their actions today, but their children and grandchildren will. We should seek opinions from our younger generation too.

We should start by encouraging our children to discuss freely on matters of politics or any other subject at the dinner table or in the living room. The most important thing is to encourage them to speak freely and to accept and respect different opinions. Mistakes or misconceptions can only be corrected by reasoning. Keep in mind that we are only borrowing this country from them. I think this is the first principle of democracy; we should bear in mind and start practising.
Ray King West Court, Amble


I do so love to receive each copy of The Ambler even though I no longer know people in the photos. However, this time I did and it was lovely to see Lou again. (Issue 62 p 8). Please say Hello from Margaret – Philip Howard.

It was also another reminder of times gone by when I read Mr. Beith’s article. He mentioned that Labour had taken votes from Beveridge. That was my father, Jack Davis, who stood in that election, and who has a street named after him – Davis Drive. Thank you again. I look forward to my next copy.
M. Reynolds Newport Pagnell, Bucks.

Dog mess causes upset

We received two letters from Elizabeth Robson about a recent incident at the Marina involving dog fouling. The particular matter has been resolved, so we will not print her first letter, but the wider problem of dog fouling in public places remains. She writes (of the other party) that…

He wishes there was a solution to dog poo on the Braid and car park.
Maybe the readers of The Ambler have some suggestions about this?
I must congratulate you on The Ambler, I really enjoy reading it.

Elizabeth Robson, Dilston Terrace, Amble

Focus on Island View

Island View, Amble

Looking at the photos of Amble on the [] website, I note with great personal interest the sea wall at Island View has been repaired. Can you possibly tell me when the work was done and WHO paid for it?

I lived at No. 6 for ten years in the 70s. The wall was in a bad and dangerous state then. With every winter storm I thought we would drop into the North Sea!   The council at the time would do nothing, stating it was a private wall and maintenance and repair was the responsibility of the residents.

Also, I note the extensions and porches at the back. We laid the foundation for the porch to no.6.  The council stopped the work on the ground that no building work was to take place at the back of the property because it SPOILT the view from across the Bay!  My goodness, how times have changed – for the better.  Nice to see Island View looking so good and to think it once had a Compulsory Purchase Order placed on it.
Sally Gordon via email

Letter from America

Hello! I came across the copy of The Ambler while sorting some papers. It is enjoyable to read and I do appreciate your sending it.
I have been wondering how David Wilson is getting on at Rutgers University. There are so many complaints about our times especially about younger people and then you see someone like David. I am encouraged.
The center section, Artograffi, is interesting. I’ll bet the kids love to see their articles published.
I had an idea of sorts: do a poets’ corner, local and from afar. I have twins; Joe is a photographer and works in security. Ian, who works for the same company in merchant audits, is a writer.
Both are out of college a couple of years and, like others, find it difficult to break into the fields where their hearts lie.
Please take care and God bless

Gayla Edwards
POB 6215 Columbus, Ohio, USA.

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