Bruce’s Business: The middle generation

Posted on 02nd September 2010 | in Community

I have been sat looking at this laptop now for more than twenty minutes thinking what to write for my first column in The Ambler. Anyone who knows me will recognise that for me to be quiet, let alone sit still for the full twenty minutes and look at a screen, is as much an achievement as anything I have done in my life!

In my new regular column I will, as you may have guessed, be offering advice to small to medium size businesses in the local area on how to make sure that they are training their staff to the correct legal standards (companies are getting fined thousands these days and it all comes out of your profit!) as well as a take on life from someone my age. Having turned 21 only 9 years ago, I want to give a view that some of the ‘middle generation’ of the Amble residents can connect with, and indeed, have opinions on.

I hope to give an insight into what my take on random things such as world events are, as well as relevant and real life problems that people my age could be encountering. Things like finding jobs, starting a business, moving away from home and even starting a family.

One of the areas that I will be going into great detail on soon is about buying a house and how to protect yourself from the financial pitfalls. Lots of people around my age are looking at buying properties with partners and I can provide up to date real life experience on how to try and make sure when you buy a property, you actually know what you are doing as well as the pros and cons of the purchase.

Moving my entire business back to the area a few months ago, things are really starting to take off for the company! We are looking at gaining our largest contract with a global brand name(over 5000 employees to train in total) we are moving new premises, offering new courses and even have a new website. We have just gained another accreditation for our training courses, adding even more credibility and security for our existing training courses so when I say things are taking off, it’s more like a space shuttle being launched from NASA! To be fair, I get lost with the Sky remote, so being in charge of a shuttle would be interesting, anyway, I’m digressing……

Did you know……all employees, even part time, in ANY type of business, should have manual handling training and fire awareness training. That is every single employee in the land (and that includes you!) It’s the law.
Till next time Amigos…..!


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