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Posted on 02nd September 2010 | in Community

The Oatmeal
The Oatmeal is a gentle comedy website featuring comic strips hand-drawn by the webmaster. The range of subjects covered are as bizarre as they are funny and highlight such subjecst as why you should take a polar bear to work, the difference between writing IN CAPS and not and what you shouldn’t say at an interview


Ever wondered how a car engine works? How a solar cell converts sunlight into electricity? Are figs really full of baby wasps? Howstuffworks gives illustrated, informative answers to these and many more questions in a friendly manner.

The English to Geordie Translator

Ever wanted a quick and easy way to translate a large amount of English text into Geordie? The internet provides a quick and convenient tool to do so via the Geordie Translator. Now in its 15th year of operation, I only wish this site offered a Geordie to English translation service too.

Cheese Racing

The sport of Cheese Racing – as they say is a ‘deceptively simple, yet addictive and fiercely competitive sport.’ The racing takes place at outdoor barbeques, where participants are invited to place unopened slices of processed cheese on the BBQ, and the winner is the first cheese to inflate. Keeps them off the streets I suppose.

Computing phrase of the day – “Blogosphere”
The Blogosphere is the virtual community where all discussions on the internet live. Often journalists on TV and Radio will say that a particular subject has become popular in the “Blogosphere” – in other words it is being discussed or mentioned a lot.

Colin Harris

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