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Posted on 02nd September 2010 | in Community

As the latest Ambler was still at the printers, the news of Northumberland Foods closure reached us. One of the main drawbacks of producing a paper every two months is that when news does strike, we can’t always cover it as fast as we’d like. As you will see, our new-look website gives us the ability to be much more up-to-date with postings, as well as giving our wonderful readers the opportunity to comment and interact with us.

Under the circumstances, we are happy to be able to report healthy commercial developments in Amble.

The town’s latest gastronomic innovation, Spurreli’s, is cool in every sense, as Nick and Katie Spurr sail into ice cream production. It is also most encouraging that Queen Street is doing so well at this time. Read just how entrepreneurial our local people are. We should be proud to support these independent businesses.

It’s not just Queen Street benefitting from the upturn. The Development Trust welcomes two new tenants into Fourways2; a regional development consultant and Bruce Durham’s Premiere Corporate Training company – who incidentally has just taken on 12 new members of staff nationally. Bruce is also the author of a new column in The Ambler, Bruce’s Business.

Adding to the general buzz and activity in the town, Amble Marina have successfully promoted the town to visitors from this country and abroad. Read a glowing description of the Friendliest Port from a Dutch travel writer and sailor.

We hope you like the new website. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

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