Pancake perfection

Posted on 02nd September 2010 | in Business News , News

laura and pancakeEver wondered if pancakes taste good with bacon? Jaspers have recently introduced a new range to their mix of snacks and meals. Now on Sundays only, pancakes can be purchased with a range of different toppings including blueberry, summer fruits, chocolate, bacon, fried banana or just a traditional squeeze of lemon.

Working next door to Jaspers I was already very familiar with the staff and their food, so when I was invited for a taster, I jumped at the chance.

First of all the presentation of the pancakes was very professional, as it always is at Jaspers. The colours of the fruits cut through the colour of the pancake and were placed as if an artist was painting on a canvas. The textures of all the ingredients mixed well in the mouth from the soft pancake to the juice that oozed from the blueberries. The textures well complimented the flavours which packed a real punch especially the tanginess of the summer fruits which cut through the initial flavour of the pancake. All the flavours of the fruits went well with the pancake and each other and, despite my initial reaction to bacon being eaten with fruit and pancakes it went together very well!

The fact that Jaspers remains so busy during a time when trade in Amble is slow and, more cafes and restaurants are opening, shows that the meticulous approach that Jaspers gives really pays off.

Laura Park

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