Amble in bloom?

Posted on 22nd October 2010 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

Other towns win awards for their town in bloom, why not Amble? Craig Weir is suggesting we form a ‘Pride of Amble’ group to lift the town. In the past we have had flowers in beds and hanging baskets around the town.

To do this in the future we will need volunteers to carry out the work involved on a regular basis. Jobs that come to mind include planting, watering and weeding. It is a possibility that Northumberland County Council will pass all these responsibilities to Amble Town Council so local involvement will be essential.

Craig would like to form a plan to improve arrangements and identify areas which needing more colour. So if you feel able to volunteer a few hours, possibly not until next year, please get in touch with Craig on 01665 712342 or

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