Food, glorious food!

Posted on 22nd October 2010 | in Amble First School - Edwin St , Education , News , St Cuthberts First School

Amble First School (Edwin St)

Children at Amble First School are enjoying delicious school dinners, cooked on the Edwin Street premises for the first time ever.  Thanks to a Government grant the school was able to convert their serving facility into a fully functioning kitchen, providing pupils and staff with excellent meals, fresh from their very own kitchens.

Plans are afoot for family lunch sessions soon, so that parent and friends can sample the fabulous food with their children.
Joyce Jenkins, Head, Amble First School

St Cuthbert’s First School

The Gardening Club at St Cuthbert’s RC First School were very proud of their recent successful crop of broccoli (see pic) which was handed over to School Cook Mrs Jean Dawson. Mrs Dawson prepared it and served it to whole school. All the children in the Gardening Club tended and watered the vegetables, which also included potatoes, beetroot, radishes and onions, over the summer months with the help of Teaching Assistant Mrs Ruth Henderson.
Teresa McQuillen

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