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Posted on 22nd October 2010 | in Business News


Site of proposed supermarket and housing


Plans for the supermarket on Braid Hill may be submitted to Northumberland County Council by the end of this year. Northumberland Estates hope to have these plans completed by then, subject to the relevant design information being ready.

In 2008, the outline plans were submitted to the county council. Outline plans deal with land use and try to answer questions such as: does this fit in with the local plan? Will there be suitable access?

Approval was given which meant that Northumberland Estates could go ahead and produce detailed plans of the site, showing where buildings, car parking and roads will be, and landscaping. If the application is approved, then the project can go ahead, according to the plans.

The town council will receive a copy of the plans, so that they can give their comments before the county council makes its decision.

The town council will call a public meeting, to hear the views of residents. Remember that these will be detailed plans of the site. The decision to allow the use of the site for a supermarket, housing and an access road has already been given and cannot be overturned.
Ian Hinson

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