Town Council Report:Oct/Nov

Posted on 22nd October 2010 | in Amble Town Council , Heritage & Tourism

For those not aware I am pleased to inform you that Robert Arckless is now at home after his operation. I have been to see him a few times and he seems to be in good spirits and in spite of some small setbacks is getting about  quite well. However he expects to be out of action until mid October at the earliest. I am sure you will all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.
It was a massive shock when I heard that Northumberland Foods had once more gone into administration. I cannot begin to understand how this has happened after the massive loans made by the county council and others to the company. And now after only eighteen months the company has gone back into receivership with suppliers and some staff not paid.

It is now more important than ever that every effort is made to encourage other businesses to come to Amble.  To this end I contacted Greggs the bakers, as I heard that they were looking for bigger premises and I hold my breath that they could be interested. There are also rumours that other people may be interested in taking the factory on.  I have been unable to find out if they are true, or not.  We can only hope.

I really hope that as many of the workers as possible can find jobs locally as it would be a real shame if more of our young people have to move away to get work.
It is a big disappointment to have so few replies to the town’s questionnaire: less than one per cent which is not really very good. I have to ask the question – did you not read it? Or are you just not interested?

Residents of the town need to be made aware of the huge changes that are  coming in the next year or so, as campaigners in the government and the rural coalition of campaigners want to push ahead with plans to give Parish councils far greater control over their own affairs. This will include planning, schools, and play areas.

This is already happening with the county passing responsibility for play areas and flower beds to the council next year and this will include the paddlers which we are told will not be repaired.  This of course will cost a great deal of money, not just to repair but to maintain. And to-day I have been told that the play area has once more been vandalized. It  has taken many months to get the county council to repair it and it raises two questions: what were the security cameras doing? and is it worth trying to provide these facilities for our young people? Of course the rate-payers have to pay for it at the end of the day.

Under the leadership of Councillor Craig Weir the council is looking at ways and means of being prepared for taking on these extra responsibilities by producing its own plants.

It is also hoped that the allotment holders will get involved, using any spare capacity they have. And if funds could be found, a possible green-house would give us greater control of what was planted, It is also hoped that Queen St with its much improved shop fronts could have planters and hanging baskets But of course this can only be accomplished with the good will of the townspeople and lots of volunteers So we are asking for as many volunteers as possible. And anyone interested please contact your local councillor or the council office.
Councillor Leslie Bilboe
Chairman, Amble Town Council

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