Hope for redundant workers

Posted on 29th October 2010 | in Business News , News

Hopes of new jobs for those made redundant by Northumberland Foods have risen in recent days. There has been much activity at the frozen food factory in a bid to find new owners and secure future work. The Ambler has been told that Iceland and Tesco are both in talks with Longbenton Foods who, it is understood have taken over the factory. Their logo was on display over the door today.

A source told The Ambler, “Work should hopefully start today. There are meetings with Iceland representatives and Tesco are due here too. If they give the go ahead, work can begin straight away. People have been cleaning the place for the last two weeks now, because it needs to be spotless for the likes of Tesco to give the go ahead. They’ll be going round with a magnifying glass.”

Longbenton Foods are the company who bought the former Findus foods factory in Longbenton. They received £2M from OneNorthEast to rescue the factory after a fire devastated the building and hundreds of people were made redundant.

Northumberland Foods, Amble

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