Vote to get faster broadband for Amble

Posted on 15th November 2010 | in Community , News

Cast your vote and help Amble beat off the opposition for BT’s Race to Infinity challenge!

If we can get enough votes, BT will improve the infrastructure to the Exchange, allowing Amble residents much faster broadband speeds.

If enough people from Amble vote on the Race to Infinity website:  BT will fast-track our exchange for fibreoptic broadband.

We need 1000 votes to qualify and then BT choose the winners. Winners will be decided by the percentage of overall votes.

Amble has 3,956 eligible voters – let’s see if we can get all of them to vote!

BT say: “The Race to Infinity is a nationwide competition run by BT whereby members of the public and local businesses can vote to get our superfast fibre broadband, BT Infinity, in their exchange. The top 5 exchanges with the most registered interest as a % of the total telephone exchange size on 31st December will be added to BT’s fibre rollout plan. Exchanges need to get a minimum of 1,000 votes in order to enter the race. People will be able to register their interest via the web site ( from 4th October to 31st December 2010.”

To vote, go to and enter your details. And pass the message on!

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