Poem: The brilliance of buses

Posted on 02nd December 2010 | in Community , Harry McQuillen: Age of insecurity , Letters & Email

I want to talk of Buses and the freedom that they bring
Of all the fun and interest that comes from travelling
To places in the North East, that often bring a smile
From passengers who can travel many a country mile.

If you want to start from Amble, you can catch the 518
To Newcastle, Morpeth, Alnwick for a busy shopping date
There’s lots to do in all these towns, and many things to see
For those with interests that extend to more than chops and tea.

A 685 from Eldon Square, the busiest of the bunch
Will go to Corbridge, Hexam and even Carlisle for lunch
Of course, that takes the whole day up but who would make a fuss
About the ride and brilliant scenery that greets you from the bus.

From Alnwick you can catch the 501 along the coast
To Craster, Sahouses, Bamburgh, whichever you like most
It goes right on to Berwick, but the journey’s pretty long
You’re better with the 505, along the main A1.

A trip to Beamish on the 28 from Eldon Square
Or to Durham with a half-hourly bus to get you there
How about a trip to Washington to visit the Old Hall?
A fairly tricky bus trip, but it’s really worth a call.

From Alnwick on to Wooler with Glen Valley Tours
Will take you to the gateway of our lovely northern moors
From Wooler we can get to find, a lovely place to see
And the go on to Berwick for the walls and scenery.

That’s just a little taster of the bus routes we can travel,
But be careful to check the timetables, or you journey could unravel
Here’s to busses old and new and all the joys they bring
Let’s get up in the morning and do some travelling.

Harry McQuillan

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