‘Don’t start’ smokers tell children

Posted on 03rd December 2010 | in Community

Smokers say we need to do more to protect children, as the average age for starting smoking is revealed as 15. This comes from a new survey of North East smokers, leading to claims from health experts that smoking is our biggest childhood addiction.

The findings also reveal that North East smokers are desperate for their children not to follow in their footsteps, with 86% saying more needs to be done to prevent children from getting hooked in the first place.

The survey results have been released to mark an event funded by Northumbria University to find ways of persuading young smokers to stop, involving health experts and councils from around the region. It shows:
• The average age smokers admit to starting is 15 – but many are younger
• 86% of smokers say the North East needs to do more to prevent children from starting to smoke
• 92% of smokers say they regret ever starting smoking
• Over 52% of smokers say their children nag them to stop smoking
For help to stop smoking please ring 01670 813135.

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One thought on "‘Don’t start’ smokers tell children"

  1. A good tip. If you are unlucky enough to be addicted to cigs there are numerous ways you can give up so find something that works for you and stick with it. For me it was using a SmokeStik which is an electronic cigarette.

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